We started looking into the Olde English Bull Dog breed  years ago. We have been breeding dogs the past 18 plus years and we are now and will continue to breed boxers.    We like the looks of the Olde English Bulldog and how they have been improved over the years.  We have come to know the breed as stubborn at times, always loving, training on lead- going where you want them to go, not so much. They are a great companion and they will give you a lot of entertainment. OEB’s are competitive show dogs and provide love and loyalty to all members of the family. All of the bulldogges we produce are able to go jogging, boating, hiking, to the beach and camping. On the flip side our bulldogges like to lay around the house, sleep in a human bed and go for walks. With training in their own right they are a master of sorts. We intent and do have some of the finest Olde English Bull Dogs in the state of Florida. We have made it our aim to breed for quality and  health and the outcome has been a puppy I would want to purchase myself. When you are going to purchase your puppy ask a lot of questions of the breeder. Also, ask for pictures of the puppies. A good puppy is not inexpensive. You will know when you have found the right Olde English Bulldogge for you and your family. First, see if the breed is what you and your family are looking for in a puppy. I know who could not want a face like that in the pictures. Hermosa is the greatest! She is from Heavy Hitters in CA.. We live in Morriston, FL. near Ocala, Fl.. We are 17 miles North West of Ocala.We are thirty five minutes South West of Gainesville and one hour and twenty minutes North West of Orlando airport. Please call or text (352) 304-1624 and we can discuss your future USA Olde English Bulldogge puppy(s). Our email address      Enjoy the journey and God bless!