Did you ever have a heart to heart talk with a mommy bulldog that has a weak puppy? Puppy was slow to nurse. As I sat with the mommy bull dog I took action of what to do. As I looked at the mother’s eyes she knew something was not right. Life is fragile! Just a breath makes a difference between life and death. My name is Hercules ! I’m called a Olde English Bull Dog lilac tri puppy. My day started out being born just like my  Olde English Bull Dog brothers and sisters.  When evening came I wasn’t doing so good. My owner took every care and precaution to see to it I was cared for. As the night progressed I wasn’t getting any better. I just knew I was not going to be growing up with my brothers and sisters. Maybe won’t see tomorrow or doesn’t have many tomorrows here but I know when the times comes where my forever’s will be. Heaven! As I acknowledge my brothers and sisters I know I’m bigger than them.  Under all this fur I am mighty. Heaven is familiar to me cause that’s where I am headed. I’m being called now. I hope you’re a Christian then I’ll see you later. Just ask for the bulldog puppy call Hercules. If you’re not a Christian, haven’t excepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, I would like you too cause I want you to ask for me, you know Hercules, when you get to heaven. I’ll be expecting you. Till then signed, Hercules. July 6th, 2016 8:55a.m.. Wednesday I’m okay now. I’m in Heaven. Oh, did I tell you my name is Hercules!